What show was the WORST EVER about constantly shifting directions?

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Sometimes TV shows bore us by trotting out the same formula in every episode. But some go to the other extreme, changing the setup and characters so much that it's like plot whiplash every week. What show was the worst offender in the "constant changes" department?


Please be sure to include clips, pictures, or links! That makes it ever so much more fun for those of us who are watching from home.



Fringe. It has to be Fringe. This series wasn't even consistent with its own history either. The Peter abduction story from season 2 on is different from the hints in season 1. Olivia's past is messed up too. And that's not even getting into the whole "now let's do a season half 'over there'" as if there's only one alternate universe, but prior episodes suggested that wasn't the case. And when Olivia first shifted over is very different from how it was later. And let's not even get into the final bizarre future-land season. The whole show was a basket of inconsistencies that I kept being told was "the best sci-fi on TV right now", when it was really always kind of a mess. Example: over several episodes the bad guys use a device to walk through walls in order to rob banks for components to build a teleporter to beam a guy out of jail. ...Why don't they just use the walk-through-walls device to break him out of jail?

Also, Millennium.