What Should the "I Am Legend" Prequel Be About?

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After the tremendous success of I Am Legend, starring Will Smith as a scientist in a post-apocalyptic, zombie-plague-ravaged New York, Warners is going to follow up with a prequel. Director Francis Lawrence confirmed to Shock Til You Drop that the movie would star Smith, and would take place before the rise of the plague that empties out Manhattan and turns it into a lovely park full of greenery and deer. But what, exactly, will be the plot of this prequel? Lawrence said, "We're trying to figure out some ideas for it." It's not too late for us to influence his decision! So vote now in our poll for what the I Am Legend prequel should be all about.



Annalee Newitz

@Gawd: I wish the whole movie would be about Emma Thompson, and her moral anguish over creating this plague. EMMA THOMPSON FTW!!!