Illustration for article titled What Should Be The Next Book To Be Split Into Two Or More Movies?

Yes, this is a Photoshop contest! The Hobbit is a movie trilogy. Divergent just joined Twilight, Harry Potter and Hunger Games in splitting the final book into two movies. Which makes us wonder: What's the next book that should be divided into two or three films?


Please show us an image for your chosen book-turned-trilogy. You don't have to create a fake movie poster in Photoshop, but we're more likely to shower you with admiration if you do. And please mention the name of the book, and just why it deserves multiple movies. Thanks!

Top image: Goodnight Moon, which really deserves at least three movies to explore all the backstory that was only hinted at in the book. Where did that cow painting come from — was it stolen from a museum? Was the red balloon one of the original 99, or part of a breakaway group? Why are the clocks saying goodnight — is TIME COMING TO AN END? So many questions. So much scope for expansion.


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