What Should Batman's Next Costume Look Like?

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So, we're getting another Batman, and with that comes another Batsuit. But just what should that look like?


In response to this post on Ben Affleck's future turn as Batman, a conversation began about just what Batman's next costume might look like:


So... am I the only one that thinks that a Black and Grey suit is a possibility? I've never been fond of the blue and grey. If it's going to be blue, at least make it dark blue. Bats aren't blue, and blue isn't really as practical as black is.

Father Anonymous

John Byrne drew a nice one in an episode of Generations. Basically the Silver Age costume, but with no reflective highlights — and the belt turned a much-more-logical gray, too.


Actually, if the goal is being stealthy in the dark, blue is more practical. Back when they were testing stealth aircraft, they discovered pastel blue was one of the best colors for making an object disappear to the naked eye at night, but the air force refused to fly around in girly pastel aircraft and painted them black instead.


We've actually covered the surprising-stealthiness of the 1930's pastel stealth aircraft before, which, though they stood out on the ground, were able to blend in with the cloud cover surprisingly seamlessly.

Of course, given Batman's tendency to move rapidly from the ground, to the rooftops, to the air, black (besides being a stylish choice) also probably makes sense for being able to blend in with the shadows, not just the clouds. Plus, given how famously dark Gotham is, it's not totally unreasonable to imagine that the cloud composition in Gotham's skies doesn't precisely mirror our own.

What do you think? Tell us what Batsuits were your favorites, and what costume you're hoping to see the dark knight decked out in for his next appearance.


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Probably is gonna be the armored suit, but I just don't care.

Like, I like Batman when I was a kid, but it became stale for me.
I was rooting for Dick to play with the role, but I am just tired of the over exposition of the character already.
I am fine if people still love and like him, but just him a break for a while.

If I wasn't so tired, then the Beyond suit, or something like this: