What shape is the Universe?

Two things we know about the Universe, according to NASA: it is flat, and it is immeasurably vast. But immeasurably vast ≠ infinite, and a finite thing must have some sort of edge to it, right? Well... maybe not.

In this, the first installment in a three-part series on the shape of the Universe, an alien named Zogg from Betelgeuse is your interplanetary guide on a surprisingly lucid tour of the Universe and its topology. This is the first I've heard of ZoggFromBetelguese, but the YouTube channel (which covers everything a visiting alien would ever need to know about Earth) and its eponymous host, is home to a bunch of really excellent explainer videos like this one. Evolution. Sex. Vision. All explained from the perspective of alien Zogg.


We look forward to the two remaining installments in this series.

[ZoggFromBetelguese via Universe Today]

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