In our trailer breakdown of Ridley Scott's Prometheus, we spied the head of that lovable space jockey whose carcass popped up in the original Alien. Now new images showing what appears to be a space jockey mask have surfaced. But wait, there's a twist!


Here's the shot from the trailer. As you can see, a fleshy version of this mask is under glass. We included a cut-out shot of the original space jockey from Alien for additional comparison.

The above images came from Cinemart, who claim that they got the snaps from a secret source in cahoots with someone who works on the Prometheus art department. Cinemart also revealed that this mask is, "smaller, human-sized and designed specifically for an actor to wear and described as the face design for the alien."

Someone is wearing this? We're starting to think the Space Jockey might be hiding something inside it's craggy remains. Is the gas mask-like face really just a suit to slip on, much like the aliens in Independence Day? Or maybe there's a space jockey still alive and running about inside the giant ring spaceship.

In other excellent Prometheus news Crave Online has cut together a brilliant Wall-E/Prometheus mashup that you must watch. If you don't see the connection, then watch each trailer side-by-side!


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