What Scifi Plot Should Indiana Jones Steal Next?

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Now that it's official that Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull is venturing into science fiction territory, with funky Grateful Dead-skulls, there's no going back. Indy has a whole universe of "B" science fiction plots to explore. So where do you think he should go next?


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How 'bout none of em? Frankly I think that this movie skirted the edge of what Indy really is. He needs to get back to finding Mystical Artifacts that are hot really explainable. Having Aliens show up and then conveniently disappear really strayed from what we know as Indy. I know it's supposed to be pulp fiction-y, because that's what he's based on (the republic serial heroes), but the Alien thing (being as overt as it was) was a bit outside of the realm of believability even for Jones. I mean, Mystical artifacts are one thing, aliens from other dimensions, that's something else.