What Scifi Fascist Regime Would You Rather Live Under?

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Science fiction is full of fascist governments, especially in the decades after World War II, but some of them just seem like more fun than others. But some scifi fascists don't seem like they would govern that well — for example, the BBC series Doctor Who clearly uses the cyborg Daleks as a metaphor for the Nazis, but you never see the Daleks making the trains run on time. Others, like Battlestar Galactica's Admiral Cain, seem as though they're actually quite efficient. If you had to live under a fascist regime from SF, which one would you prefer?


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The Empire definitely... they only seemed to mess with those who messed with them. Lousy Rebel scum. Sure they blew up a planet, but maybe they should've thought of that before being rebels. I never saw them go torture people due to their race, religion or creed. I never saw them perform mass executions or concentration camps. It wasn't a perfect system, but it was better than some of the others. Plus, any system of government that doesnt mind a place like Mos Eisley can't be all bad.