What Science Should We Punk Next?

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Cyberpunk is dead. Steampunk ran out of steam a while ago. So we really need a new literary movement with "punk" in its name. Something that can give birth to the next generation of laptop mods and weak movie adaptations. Click through to vote for the next wave of "punk" books.


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papercup mixmaster

@tetracycloide: Precisely. I think nano-punk is really just the next stage of cyber-. It's the newest thing that's cutting edges and making us go "whoa."

I agree that cyberpunk is not dead. We've perhaps moved into subsequent versions of it, but it hasn't died. My favorite version is something like Cameron's Dark Angel, where the world has largely moved past digital/cyberspace by necessity and only a wealthy elite removed from everyone else have access to wireless toys and cyber-y goodness. Everyone else exists outside of its radar. I really like this rethinking of what the digital age is - something very shortlived that will likely be survived by people just making do once more.