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Science fiction doesn't just give us powerful ideas about our future; it can also help us through our present. When did a science fiction story — a book, a movie, a comic, anything — give you something to cling to during a troubling period in your life?


I've mentioned this before, but after my brother died, I found a great many science fiction stories gave me comfort, especially Charles Yu's How to Live Safely in a Science Fictional Universe and the highly underrated Disney film Meet the Robinsons. For one thing, Meet the Robinsons was one of my brother's favorite films (he'd giggle like a three-year-old when the T-Rex lamented its giant head and tiny arms); for another, the movie's core message is to "Keep Moving Forward." Plus, it's just goofy. (I mentioned the T-Rex, right?)


What science fiction story has been your port in an emotional storm? Tell us in the comments, and include a picture if you can.

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