What science fiction scared the crap out of you as a kid?

Timing is everything. A Stephen King book read in college may be a fun, suspenseful time, but if you read it in junior high it would give you nightmates. A banal movie like E.T. may bore you now, but you might have seen sinister undertones in it when you were a kid. The world is a scary place when you're young — so what, specifically, scared you?

I'll start. One night, my parents left my little brother and I in the care of my grandmother while they went out on a rare date. This wasn't my kindly, fun-loving grandmother, this was the chain-smoking one who had dead Jesuses over the walls, chain-smoked, and kept all the lights off. Because she had to concentrate on her cigarettes, I was left in front of the TV for the entire evening. I was 6, it was pitch black in the house, I was alone...


...and the TV was playing V.

If I didn't scream when the first person ripped off his face to reveal the lizard alien beneath, it was only because I was literally paralyzed in fear. It might as well have been a live-action documentary, as far as I was concerned, because I was convinced my parents were aliens in disguise, and when they came to pick me, they would realize that I knew their secret, and would immediately rip their faces off an eat me.

My parents did not ask that grandmother to babysit me again.

All right, your turn! Let us know what scared you as a kid; books, movies, TV, etc. — even the ones that weren't supposed to scare you, but did anyways — in the comments. As always, pictures never hurt!


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