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We all have aspects of our pasts that we're ashamed of, especially when they're to do with pop culture. We'll tell you what movies, tv shows, books, or comics we loved, in our impressionable youth, and why we've come to despise them. Then you tell us about yours.


Some people regret spending their formative years knocking over liquor stores. Lucky bastards. A well-and-truly misspent youth can leave with you experience, toughness, and some amazing stories to tell at parties. There's no gold to be spun from the minor errors. There are some things that you once loved, and devoted time to, and now loathe. And there's no excusing that.

For most of my life, my favorite Indiana Jones movie was Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. Not only that, but I loved everything that was wrong with it. I loved Short Round, seeing him as the adventurous kid sidekick I wanted to be. I loved Willie Scot, enjoying her constant huffiness and how much she bugged Indiana Jones. I identified with her aversion to insects, and really felt that her choice to put her hand in a crevice full of them in order to save a man and a child from being crushed to death was a heroic sacrifice on her part. And I felt that Indy's mind-battle at the end, assisted by Short Round, was compelling and cool.


Today, I still love the big old-timey musical number at the beginning of the movie, but the rest I find just as annoying as, no doubt, you do. What's your shameful secret from the past?

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