What science fiction and horror flicks are on Hulu these days?

Hulu's scifi and horror pages are chock full of worthwhile movies, even if the selection skews towards the ridiculous and low-budget. Here's the cream of the crop. Apologies to our international readers!

- Krull: It inspired some weird weddings!
- Real Genius: A futurist classic!
- Ultraviolet: Dystopian sexy vampires!
- Short Circuit: 1980s robots acting adorable!
- Star Trek: First Contact: That darn Borg!
- Swamp Thing: Directed by Wes Craven, starring Adrienne Barbeau!
- Gattaca: The title is an acronym (sort of)!
- And You Thought Your Parents Were Weird: A dead father possesses a family's robot! Hijinks ensue! Like Ghost Dad...if Ghost Dad sucked!
- Cyborg 2: Angelina Jolie's adult screen debut!
- Night of the Living Dead: It's public domain!
- A Nymphoid Barbarian in Dinosaur Hell: Self-explanatory!
-The Brain That Wouldn't Die: Being a disembodied head is a rutting development!


- A Vampire in Brooklyn: Starring Eddie Murphy! Only slightly better than The Adventures of Pluto Nash! Not as good as Meet Dave! Directed by Wes Craven?!?

- Lifeforce: Nekkid space vampires!
- Return of the Swamp Thing: Not directed by Wes Craven! Starring Heather Locklear! A turd of a film!
- Toxic Avenger: The original! Murderous jocks!


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