What scene was too ridiculous to include in Lockout?

If you haven't seen Lockout yet, you're missing out on some seriously cheeseball space action with Guy Pearce (who is basically the movie spawn of John McClane and Snake Plisken). And even thought this movie is full-scale ridiculous and over the top, there were still some scenes that were too ludicrous to include in the final cut.

We talked to Maggie Grace, the on screen love interest, and she revealed one insane moment that was filmed, but never made it to the big screen.

What was the president's daughter doing in a space prison?

Maggie Grace: It does seem like a strange place to find Emily, doesn't it. Emily is the President's daughter in the year 2079. She travels up to MSN-1 on a humanitarian mission. They're putting the prisoners into stasis, it's kind of a play on cryogenic freezing, and there's been rumors of side effects and encroachment on human rights. The stasis has been leading to insanity. It has a negative effect on their brain activity. They've been quite violent after they wake up. She's there to investigate if there's any truth to these rumors. And inadvertently causes a prison riot.

A lot of folks make quips about about the President, your father, in the movie. Was there more to that?


Yes I think there's some question as to their political track record. I think she's a woman with her own mind and she doesn't necessarily back up all of her father's policies.

If they made Lockout 2, would you be a part of it?

Yeah I had so much fun making it, so yeah.

When you read the script was this movie as self-aware then? Were you surprised that you guys jumped from space to Earth in the end?


I think there was a lot of that on the page, yeah. There were a lot of genre referential moments and very tongue-in-cheek moments. You have this character who is winking at the audience letting them know that it's OK to have a good time, because he certainly is, in the midst of all this chaos.

Was there anything that didn't make the screen?

There was quite a few action sequences that didn't make the final cut, believe it or not. That's how much action we shot. There was a whole fight sequence in space. In the space suits. I think for time they just had to pick and choose which fights made it.


What was your favorite one-liner from the movie?

I kept cracking up when we shot that scene, "Here's gun and an apple. Don't talk to strangers, shoot them." There was just something about him in that moment. Or maybe it was my lack of sleep. We were pretty slap happy it was hard to keep a straight face in this.


What do you think happens with your character and Snow next?

I hope that they have lots of sex and babies. No, I think that there was a fun chemistry there. But I don't know if they're going to ride off into the sunset. Or pick out curtains of anything like that.


You don't kiss!

We shot a few different takes of it. There was one version where we did [kiss]. We also improvised the last bit. I don't know if you can hear it over the music. It's kind of like that last Casablanca moment, "beginning of a beautiful friendship." As we're walking off into the horizon, we thought it would be funny if it was very clear that this wasn't going to work out. He said something like "I don't think this is really going to work out, do you? And I said, "Well that depends." "On what?" "On how good you are in bed." "Eh give it about ten minutes." We just improvised our way through the end of the movie... but I can see why they chose not to go that direction.


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