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What Problems Most Demand Science's Attention Right Now?

Illustration for article titled What Problems Most Demand Sciences Attention Right Now?

Science takes on all manner of problems, ranging from the massive, literally galaxy-sized to the smaller issues that plague our daily life. So what problems do you most want it to address right now?


Of course, it's not a zero-sum game. There's plenty of room in science to address a multitude of problems. Still, we want to know where you would like to see more attention focused. Maybe you want to focus more attention on a large issue — like cleaning up our landfills or working on space colonization—- that's particularly timely. Maybe you have an idea for a single, discrete problem that's in search of a concrete solution. Or maybe you're a scientist yourself and will tell us just why you've focused your research on the area you did.

Whatever it is is, tell us in the comments about the problem and why it demands our attention right now.


Image: Artist's conception of a lunar base (1989) / JSC-NASA.

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I think energy is at the top. With clean abundant energy everything else becomes possible. There should be a large increase in funding solar research, 4th generation nuclear and the alternative fusion rectors designs…