What Once Was Big Is Now Little, and Issa Rae Has to Deal With the Results

Jordan (Marsai Martin, at right) discovers the pains of being a tween again.
Jordan (Marsai Martin, at right) discovers the pains of being a tween again.
Image: Universal (YouTube)
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We all love a good Magical Aging story. Well, sort of. It does get weird when films like Big and 13 Going on 30 venture into that uncomfortable “Oh shit, you’re a 13-year-old in an adult’s body” territory. Little, the newest flick from Girls Trip’s Regina Hall and Insecure’s Issa Rae, has changed the formula a bit: Instead of getting older, someone’s getting younger.


The film stars Hall as the adult Jordan Sanders, a tech mogul who knows what she wants and doesn’t let anyone stand in her way—much to the chagrin of her assistant, April (Rae). However, after a young girl Jordan bullied casts a magical spell on her, everything changes when Jordan wakes up to find she’s magically been turned 13 years old again.

Take a look at the first trailer released today.

Now played in her younger form by Black-ish’s Marsai Martin—who freaking commands every trailer scene she’s in—Jordan has to figure out what happened and how she can fix it before a do-or-die presentation. All while navigating school, her growing friendship with Alice, and tiny pink pantsuits.


The trailer is full of amazing jokes and clever moments, and I’m excited to see what this latest addition to the Magical Aging genre brings to the table. Little arrives in theaters on April 12.

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