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What On-Screen Characters Are Secretly Terrible at Their Jobs?

Illustration for article titled What On-Screen Characters Are Secretly Terrible at Their Jobs?

Sorry, movie paleontologist brushing aside a light layer of dust to reveal a fully articulated Velocirapter fossil, we're on to you. Today, we want to know your picks for the most egregious examples of bad on-screen work habits.


Is it a research scientist with terrible lab protocols, a doctor who doesn't ever crack a medical journal, or an archeologist who seemingly never sets foot in a library (unless it is to plunder it) that will take your vote?

Tell us in the comments below about characters with work lives that (while fun to watch) probably have their co-workers rolling their eyes at all the departmental meetings. Pictures too, please!


Image: Davidd.

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Not really a secret but I think the job qualifies for that, too:

(And his predecessors, of course).

The best theory I know of is that the 00X-agents are basically decoys to shift attention from the real agents.