We've got our eyes on the future, but every once in awhile, there's a piece of tech so awesome we can't help but want to turn back the clock.

For me, it's the telegram. But, texting does the same thing and is quick, convenient, and cheap, you say? To that I can only say, in classic telegram fashion, STOP. Does a text come by Morse code? Can you call it a cable? Is it hand-delivered? I think not.


So, is there any other obsolete tech you wish we were still using, despite the availability of more advanced tech? If so, let us know. Here's how:

What: So, what is this thing and what does/did it do?

Picture: Or it didn't happen. No, it probably did. Still, it would be nice to see.


Why: What is it about this tech that you want to bring back? Is it the sound quality (vinyl)? Having photos to tack up on a wall (Polaroids)? The use of all-caps imperatives to end sentences (telegrams)?

Whatever it is, tell us about it in the comments GO

Image: villorejo / SHUTTERSTOCK