What Mutant Foe Will The Singing Spidey Face?

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In a special sneak peek at the multi-million dollar Spider-Man musical, director Julie Taymor spilled details on sets, villains, and sky high web-slinging. Plus Bono and The Edge played a few tunes.


Modern Fabulosity was lucky enough to snag seats at the Broadway sneak peek at the Spidey musical, starring Evan Rachel Wood as Mary Jane Watson, and possibly this guy as Peter Parker.


According to Fab the New York City sets are a thing of beauty. Peter Parker's ballads are a lovely (a few songs were still a little too early to judge) but they're mainly a blend of both pop-rock from U2 and Broadway singing. But the big surprise was the villains. Apparently EVERYONE is involved:

Unlike Sam Raimi's Spider-Man films (which moved from the story's comic book roots toward a more naturalistic, real-world interpretation), Taymor is, unsurprisingly, going the other way — embracing the webcrawler's inherent theatricality, and placing him inside a stylized New York City populated with heroes and (multiple) supervillains.

Oh, and each baddie looks amazing:

Ishioka's costumes were breathtaking — a rogues gallery of the villains that appear onstage in the musical received audible gasps from the audience, including the Green Goblin, Lizard, Kraven, Swarm, and a new female villain created at the behest of Taymor, Swiss Miss (dressed in immaculate white dominatrix gear and multiple knives...hot!). Fans of Dr. Octopus and Sandman should know, however, that neither made an appearance in the presentation, although Taymor hinted at a special villain yet to be identified who appears in the piece.


It all sounds great, except for the idea of a dominatrix supervillain named Swiss Miss. (What's next - the vicious St. Pauli Girl?) The full report is back at Fab, but it sounds like Taymor's vision is being handled with the utmost care, along with a few Cirque du Soleil trainers who've taught the stuntman playing Spidey how to glide over the audience.

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I've never understood turning sci-fi or comic book stories into musicals...it's just too goofy for my brain to accept.

Not that I'm clamoring instead to see Andrew Lloyd Webber's latest rearrangement of Puccini's greatest hits...