The art of picking a quality movie to watch while nodding off is hard. It can't be too loud or too good. Sometimes it helps if you have it memorized front to back, so you can picture the action in your head while maintaining a face-down-in-the-pillow position. What is your perfect dozing-off movie?

Personally I have a few. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind is both quiet and dreamy, but (unfortunately) very, very good. So good that sometimes, I stay up until the end. Then there's Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom OR Raiders of the Lost Ark. Got them memorized front to back, don't even need to look at it. Bonus if you have sweet, sweet Harrison Ford dreams. I also recently had really good week (or so) of falling asleep to Now You See Me—watched about 10 minutes a night. Highly recommend it.


So, what is your falling asleep movie? Please include pictures!

If you need inspiration I implore you to check out You Fell Asleep Watching A DVD, which was basically the soundtrack to my late 20s.