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What Marvel Characters End Up Being Called In Other Languages

Illustration for article titled What Marvel Characters End Up Being Called In Other Languages

Along with the actual text and words of superhero tales getting translated abroad, the names of these characters also gets changed. Some are pretty literal and others, like Loki above, are a bit more descriptive.


We've seen this kind of work from James Chapman, who tackled the translated titles of TV shows. Now, he does warn that these come from both movies and comic books — and that some of them are older and no longer the current translation — but that makes them more interesting in a way. It's also a bit of a historical deep dive. Also, Blunderbuss is a fabulous name for Rocket.

You can see more of Chapman's work on Facebook, tumblr, and Tapastic.


[via Laughing Squid]

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This actually undermines the plot a bit. Loki isn't a title, it's an actual name. And it doesn't really make Thor (or Tors) very smart if he used to trust his brother named "The Evil God." And we know Odin was setting him up for failure, but I don't think Frigga would have let him name their son thusly.

Cue someone immediately stating they want to name his/her child "The Evil God."

Also true story: back in the 80s/early 90s I had a classmate named Thor (because it's real name) who got sent to the principal's office because the dimwit substitute (who apparently wasn't given a roll list) refused to believe him despite everyone backing him up.