What Makes A Perfect Female Action Hero?

Action heroines are rare creatures. The earliest were female versions of pre-existing male heros, like Wonder Woman, BatGirl and SuperGirl. Some more recent heroines have their roots in fantasy or sci-fi, like Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Selene from Underworld, or Alice from Resident Evil. But while there are plenty of realistic male heroes who run, jump and fight without being cartoony or existing in a vampire realm - think Jason Bourne, James Bond or Ethan Hunt - there are very female counterparts. via [Jezebel]

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*Sigh*... I wish that sites such as io9 would do more longer and in-depth articles about specific movies/characters/series storylines/etc. Yes, one can make lists and occasional thought pieces such as these, but if that's all io9 does, why do a blog and not a more discussion-friendly message board? (Oh, right, because there are *already* tons of sci-fi message boards where the most open-ended of prompts results in a free-for all of people relentlessly plugging their favorite characters.

I realize that writing substantive, in-depth analyses of certain things may seem esoteric to some and silly to others, but they might also be cherished and thought-provoking for those who interests lie along similar paths. Because, be honest - it's all good fun to have a poll on which 2011 summer movie will flop hardest, but who's ever going to bother to read that thread even three months from now? Do a fun feature like the AV Club's "Films that Time Forgot", "The New Cult Canon", "Book vs. Film" and "Commentary of the Damned", however, and the resulting pieces may well be of lasting value, even if only for some. In this area, the new "Pop Punishment" feature is an excellent start - just imagine an io9 full of those! :)

Or, you could keep posing questions such as "what makes a perfect female action hero", dash off a few lines, refer to the hiring of writers for such-and-such, and watch the comments fill up with "Ripley"! "River Tam!" "I think Padme gets a bad rap...", etc. But if you do, you'll excuse me; I've got a nap to take. ;)