What Make Of Car Is Most Likely To Survive The Apocalypse?

The only thing left of the Earth is a space shuttle and a bombed-out looking car, in the first episode of Odyssey 5, a show about humans who travel back in time to prevent the destruction of Earth. The Canadian Odyssey 5 is a great example of the way a non-US show can compensate for its low budget. The actual destruction of the Earth isn't much to look at, but the floating car is an arresting image. (Is it an SUV? A PT Cruiser? Help us, car experts!)

Odyssey 5 is one of two shows which start with the total destruction of Earth. (Click through for the other one.)

The other one, of course, is Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. The only lame part of the Odyssey 5 pilot is the kindly old man from outer space who rescues the last few humans, on the space shuttle. He sends their memories back in time, so their five-years-ago selves remember the destruction of Earth. It's a bit cheesy, but could be the set-up for a cool show. Too bad it only lasted one season.


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Clearly a 56 or 57 corvette convertible would make an ideal reentry vehicle for an intersteller craft to keep in its vehicle bay.

(heavy metal)