What Made The Moon Do A 180?

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Scientists are claiming that the Dark Side Of The Moon wasn't always such a mystery to humanity. In fact, they claim that it used to be the side that faced us before an asteroid collision.


Dr Mark Wieczorek and Matthieu Le Feuvre of the Paris Institute of Earth Physics have spent years studying the Moon's craters, only to discover that everything doesn't necessarily add up the way it should. Namely, the older craters are on the wrong side; because of the direction of the moon's orbit, impact craters should be concentrated on the western hemisphere, but older craters are concentrated on the east. The explanation?

This could be explained if a large asteroid impact had set the moon turning... uch an impact would have put the satellite's rotation rate out of whack, so that for tens of thousands of years it would have appeared to slowly turn as viewed from Earth. Eventually, it would have settled into the current position.


That sound you hear is Pink Floyd wondering if they can turn this discovery into a new concept album before people lose interest.

Far side of the moon 'once faced Earth before asteroid flipped it around' [Daily Mail]

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I don't understand their 'East/West' naming convention :/