What Law Of Physics Would You Like To Be Able To Suspend?

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Science fiction and comics are full of mutants and aliens whose superpowers defy various laws of physics. Shape-changers who can alter their mass, people who can fly — in space, even! — and guys who can produce extreme cold or heat on cue. But in real life, the ability to negate just one of the laws of physics, whenever you felt like it, could turn you into a god. Which law of physics would you like to have a personal on/off switch for?


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2nd law of thermodynamics. You're not just altering physics, you're defying math. In other words anything, no matter how unlikely, can happen, since at its heart the second law is just a statement of probabilities. Heat and cool things however you want (as long as you have somewhere to put the heat), create objects out of quantum foam (free antimatter anyone?) or walk through walls using the probability of every atom in your body quantum tunneling simultaneously. Or fly- every molecule of air below you decides to push you upwards. And for a finale, save the universe from its otherwise inevitable heat-death.