You come to io9 for a lot of reasons. You want to escape with science fiction and fantasy, but you also want to learn about what's possible in the real world using science and technology. You want to know what's coming next, and what it will take to get there. What other stories do you want to see?

Image by Mark Rademaker

Let's get meta and talk about io9 itself. Are there story topics you'd like us to tackle more often? Areas of science we should explore — or areas of science fiction? Are there people you'd love for us to bring in for a Q/A, or whose lives you'd love to know more about?


At io9 we live with at least one limb stuck in the future, and that requires us to be flexible. I'm sure you have a really weird image in your head now, and that's good. We like to put strange ideas in your brain. But I was actually talking about cognitive flexibility. If there are new things out there we aren't talking about — you should tell us. We are always excited to change and try new things.

Even if those things are brain implants.