What Kind of Transportation Will We Use in the Future?

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Whether by plane, by train, or by a laced-up pair of sneakers, we have to get where we going. But just how we do that changes constantly. Today, we want to know what you think the future of transportation will look like.


Will teleportation move beyond the silver screen? Will the space day-tour shuttle idea ever get off the ground? Will we all be stuck in traffic in our hover cars, or will it just be the health perks of good old-fashioned walking that win out in the end?

Tell us your predictions in the comments — and include a photo, please!

Image: Chaosmaker / Shutterstock.

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How far into the future?

The near term trends are already happening:

- A move from combustion to electric.

- A move towards smaller vehicles

- A move towards self-driving vehicles.

I could also see the possibility further out of personal self-driving aircraft. We have already seen great coordination software from groups of quadrocopters. It is not that far of a stretch to scale this to auto-navigating and cooperative personal flying transports that automatically handled routing and collision avoidance.