What kind of science is going to destroy the world?

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Terrorists are targeting nanotechnology labs with mail bombs, claiming that they fear the rise of nanocyborgs. Their claims may be ridiculous and their methods reprehensible, but that doesn't mean their fears aren't shared by millions. What scientific project or technology are you most worried will destroy the world? Take our poll.


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Why do people always assume that science & technology will make things worse in the future. Afterall, science & technology has helped improve our lives much more than it has hurt our lives so far. Think of what it would be like without air conditioning/heating, vaccines, pacemakers, and so on. Even on the battlefield technology is helping to reduce casualties too. There were 37.5 million military and civilian casualties in World War I. While far more people are still being killed in modern wars than what should be acceptable, the numbers are a mere fraction of that. All things considered I think the world has become a much better place than it was a century ago or even half a century ago, in large part due to science and technology. Call me an optimist, but I don't think we need to fear what science and technology for us in the future.