What Kind of Robot is the Best Robot?

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MIT Tech Review reported on a study from Georgia Tech which showed that older people prefer a more humanoid look to their robots, while younger ones prefer robots that look more, well, robotic. Today, we want to know what style of robot you prefer.


Are you most comfortable with the anthropomorphic imitations of Data? Or is it the sleek functionality of the roomba that you prefer? Or perhaps you merely want to let our new robot overlords know that you welcome them all, regardless of style.

Tell us about your preferred variety of robot (pictures too, please) in the comments below.

Image: Victor H / Shutterstock

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James Whitbrook

I've always liked Robot it characters how are kind of uncanny valley-ish in their design - humanoid enough that their robotic nature becomes all the more unsettling. The Geth from Mass Effect are good examples of this - the way they ape the Quarian's form, except for the face, which takes on the semblance of the Quarian skinsuit helmet rather than an actual Quarian's facial features, is a really cool way of making them these creepy mirrors of their creators.