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Christian Bale is itching to jump back into another genre film via the works of beloved author J.G. Ballard. The actor revealed his desire for another Ballard film - update (we think we know).

While discussing Terminator Salvation with reporters here in Los Angeles, Bale shared how he felt at the passing of Ballard and revealed that he was looking to adapt a Ballard film with a "director friend."


Since you portrayed J.G. Ballard when you were younger, do you have any thoughts about his passing?

It was such a surprise. I had, had indirect contact with him recently because a director friend of mine, and myself, were looking into optioning one of his books. He's such a great mind, such a great writer.

It was surprisingly emotional for me when I read that. He was somebody who, I considered, was at the beginning of me deciding to become an actor. He was an iconic writer, so unique. It's a great shame, that if we get to adapt this novel of his. Ill definitely miss being able to catch up with him, no longer as a 13-year-old boy. Yeah I would have enjoyed that very much, picking his brain.

What novel is that?

I don't know if its definitely going to happen. We've got great intentions to make it happen.


Having acted in the movie adaptation of Empire Of The Sun at such a young age, and knowing how massively that impacted his career, it's no wonder Bale is a fan of Ballard (besides the fact that hes a brilliant writer). But what novel do you think he's interested in? Personally I'd like to see Bale in The Burning World or High Rise (especially High Rise), but who knows what he's looking for? A big blockbuster? Small award winning character driven movie? I could easily see Concrete Island appealing to Bale or any of the World books.

I leave it in your hands, what do you think?

UPDATE: We just got a tip from reader Jamieson McGonigle, who points to Concrete Island as the novel in question:

I can tell you definitively that the adaptation he's speaking of is Concrete Island. Brad Anderson currently has the rights to make the film and is the director friend he's speaking of.


This makes a lot of sense: The premise is actorly Bale material. A rich man crashes his jaguar on a manmade concrete island, surrounded by a motorway. He has to survive on the contents of his luxury sports vehicle, and slowly starts to lose his mind, as castaways so often do. Plus Anderson worked with Bale on El Maquinista, so there's a history there. Sure this is all just speculation at this point, but hopefully these two can make this cool project happen.

Until we find out, watch Bale in Terminator Salvation on May 21st as THE John Connor.


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