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What Is This Strange Dystopian Disneyversese

Illustration for article titled What Is This Strange Dystopian Disneyversese

A few weeks ago, concept art surfaced of a strange and distant land, a bizarre vision of a Dystopian Disneyverse that threw gamers into a frenzy with rumors that this might be for a Wii game. Could this be true?


I always secretly suspected that if the Pirates Of The Caribbean ever did break down, the pirates would in fact eat the tourists, and ignite a park-wide riot. Similarly, the Tiki room always gave me the creeps and seemed on the verge of Hitchcock-inspired manslaughter. Don't get me started on the Jungle Boat ride.

Needless to say this concept art for what is being codenamed "Epic Mickey" caught my eye right away. In this vision of the Creepiest Place on Earth, familiar landmarks lie in ruins, storm clouds gather over Epcot, and Zombie Mecha runs amok. But what is this masterpiece, and whose vision is it?

Illustration for article titled What Is This Strange Dystopian Disneyversese

The artwork is apparently by game designer and illustrator Gary Glover and Disney artist Tony Pulham, who worked as the art director on such family-friendly Disney films as Winnie-the-Pooh's Heffalump Movie and The Little Mermaid: Ariel's Beginning. Word on the interwebs is that the game is being developed by the Disney-owned Junction Point Studios, and being helmed by Deus Ex maestro Warren Spector.

Rumor has it that the game is being developed for the Wii, and idea of getting to play through something that appears to be Kingdom Hearts-on-acid has me gripping my WiiMote in anticipation.
Oh, Epic Mickey - you had me at dystopian. Check out more amazing Concept Art in the gallery below.

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I seriously doubt that Disney would give anyone the permission of using their characters like THIS in a videogame... or maybe the new rrlation with marvel has gotten hold or their world view sooner than I thought. ;)