Photographer Barry Underwood places LEDs, glowsticks and other luminous shapes into the middle of nature, and then photographs them. It's a meditation on the ways that humans have changed our environment, and it's startlingly beautiful.

As Underwood explained in an interview with last week:

The light-emitting sculptures in the landscape use a variety of materials, including glow sticks and LED lights. The film is exposed for 15 minutes to 6 hours, depending upon the weather conditions, ambient lighting conditions and goal for the final results for the image...

Because of the Banff Center's strong environmental awareness program, I have become more attentive to environmental issues, including global concerns like pollution, land use, and climate change in my artwork. It was also at the Banff Center that I began reading the philosophy of John Muir and consequently developed new strategies for creating site-specific installations and photographs. In many of my photographs, there is the artifice that some environmental disaster has taken place, though the specific narrative remains elusive.

Check out some of our favorites from among Underwood's images below, and see tons more at his website.