Jetpacks may get all the hype, but they're basically just the motorized skateboards of the sky. Instead of wondering where our jetpacks are, tell us what your personal jetpack — the future invention or scientific discovery that you're waiting on pins and needles for — consists of.

The comments are wide open for your entries but, just like in life and fight club, there are a couple rules:

1) Please use this format:
Name/description: What is this invention or discovery?
Picture: A show, to go with the tell
Why: What is it about this future invention that makes it worth watching for?

2) It can be any new tech or a scientific discovery that either hasn't been invented yet OR has been invented, but hasn't become widely available yet.


3) Please avoid duplications!

And that's it! 3 - 2 - 1 - ignition.

Image: Theresa Martinez / SHUTTERSTOCK.