What Is The Greatest Cartoon Of All Time?

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Whether you want to throw your two cents in for a well-loved classic or for an under-appreciated potential classic we want to know: What's your very favorite cartoon series, ever?


Tell us in the comments what the cartoon was, when it aired, and a little about why you loved it. Was it the animation style, the storylines, something else entirely? Include pictures too, please!

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For sheer story construction and character development. Ive never seen an animated series take one long form story and tell it as tightly and richly as this if at all. This quote from its Peabody award says it all. "The series is distinguished by multi-dimensional characters, unusually complicated personal relationships for a cartoon serial, and a healthy respect for the consequences of warfare." Plus ill always love that its not an adaptation of anything. and the animatiooooonnn my god.

(Batman TAS is the best thing ever tho don't hate me)