It’s Memorial Day weekend in the US, a time when many folks head out into nature to camp — and enjoy scary stories around a campfire. What story is even creepier when it’s told out in the woods, far from electric lights and civilization?

Gif from the intro to Are You Afraid of the Dark?

I remember when I was 12, a teacher at my school took a bunch of us camping and used a gimmick that is probably best suited to the pre-teen imagination. He pulled out a yellow legal pad that he claimed he had once found in the woods years back and began to read from it. The legal pad was the “journal” of a boy on a camping trip of his own, but over the course of the weekend, the boy wrote that he heard strange noises and feared there was something sinister in the woods. The final page of the journal, in which he wrote that he was cornered by some fearsome creature, was torn off. The story ended abruptly there, leaving us to wonder if our teacher really had found the journal, or if he had written it himself.


If we’d heard this story back in the classroom, it probably wouldn’t have been creepy at all. But the darkness and the surrounding woods gave it an air of mystery.

So let’s play Midnight Society. Pull up a seat, warm your hands, and tell us your best campfire tale. That way, we’ll all have extra spooky stories for the next time we go camping — or just find ourselves far from other human beings.