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What If You Were Under House Arrest In A Haunted House? TWIST

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It's officially the time when all the indie horror movies coming out in October start releasing their early buzz trailers! We love this time! Check out the new trailer for Housebound, a movie about a girl under house arrest in a haunted house.


This New Zealand film puts a twist on the classic haunted house movie. You see, the main character is under house arrest. So she can't leave, or she'll get arrested. So really she can leave but, you know—TWIST and all that fun stuff. I'm already into this movie because it stars a troubled female lead who likes to crack ATMs open with tiny little firecracker bombs. Sold.

Housebound will be released on October 14th.

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*ahem* Been done (100 Feet), and pretty sure this one is better, as well. I highly suggest watching it.…