Electronic Arts has a new game coming out for Halloween called Dead Space whose backstory sounds as good as any scifi book. On an Earth with scant natural resources, mining companies go to remote planets, and rip them apart for any and all natural resources. The problem is that one mission has discovered that something isn't too happy about its planet being ripped apart. We've got exclusive video, below, of some of Dead Space's developers talking about creating the backstory for the game.

Here's another view of the mining station on the planet.


And here's what you'll find when you start exploring. Uh oh, blood.

Serious uh oh — some kind of morphing yucko monster. As you can see in the video, there are some great robo-spider looking monsters too.


Plus, there is a comic book based on the game illustrated by the fucking awesome Ben Templesmith.


Look out for Dead Space this Halloween. And you can see a lot more cool artwork and video on the Dead Space site.

Dead Space [Official Site]