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What if you could stay young and beautiful forever?

The Everlasting Secret Family might just be one of the darkest queer movies of all time. A secret society of wealthy, closeted gay men recruits beautiful young men as its playthings. But one "plaything" wants to stay young forever.

I love the way he gasps, "Experiment - on me!" in the above clip. This beautiful youth, who resembles a young David Bowie at times, manages to achieve his goal: He stays young and lovely for an extra 14 years. He's the lover of a powerful Australian minister. And he needs every iota of his gorgeousness to fend off challenges from the minister's chauffeur (who was employed as a "lover" when he was younger) and the minister's wife (who pretty much figures out that she's a beard.) More than that, though, our hero is trying to create a new role for himself, outside of the rigid strictures of the Everlasting Secret Family - neither lover nor servant, but something special. To this end, he becomes the lover of both the minister and his young son.


Here's a clip of the minister's son realizing that he could shoot his perpetually young companion, and there would be no consequences whatsoever. And then he gets initiated into the Family himself, in a scene with some very ridiculous masks:

The Everlasting Secret Family is out of print on Region 1 DVD, but it's available as an import and on the intertubes. Well worth tracking down a copy. [IMDB]

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"But one "plaything" wants to stay young forever."

I'm sorry but isn't that the desire of pretty much all men in the gay community? It's like after you hit 25, you've peaked, at least that's what I was told by several younger (and older) fellas of the rainbow persuasion.