What if Worf left the Enterprise to work on the Nostromo?

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Yesterday we looked at the many occasions in which the rest of the Enterprise crew craps all over Worf's judgment. The character's ongoing disenfranchisement has been a source for consternation for artist Andrea Tsurumi, who recently laid out the Klingon's workplace dissatisfaction in this zippy cartoon. Explains Tsurumi:

Although everything tends to work out well in the end, he does spend most of his time watching the others ignore his reasonable precautions. And when that's not happening, two of his assigned security officers are being easily dispatched with a single punch to the shoulder. Or, you know, he wakes up in Sherwood Forest.


You can find Andrea's print on Etsy, and check out more of her work — like her surreal children's book Zoetrope — at her website.

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Erik Sofge

Sometimes, surly nerd humor kinda gets to me (like those How It Should Have Ended things). Strange, since I'm pretty surly myself. Maybe it's when people discount the one thing that makes the best SF stories universally appealing, which is when emotions trump logic. Even light-hearted jabs that are based on injecting hindsight into a plotline, leave me a little hollow.