What If Uwe Boll Directed I Am Legend?

How would Uwe's I Am Legend differ? First, super-mutants are just guys in white body paint. Second of all, they get buzz-sawn in half. Thirdly, mad scientist is Udo Kier. Fourthly, crazy awesomeness!

This clip, of course, comes from Boll's Far Cry, which is a far cry from a good movie, but does provide a certain bombastic thrill. It's loosely based on a video game, but mostly based on some mushrooms Boll ate once. Right after the clip cuts off (sorry, it was getting too long), the military guy tells Udo Kier, "Why don't you shove your civilian orders up your civilian ass?"

What's the plot of Far Cry? Well... Let's just let the trailer speak for itself:


I picture someone saying "You're making brainless monsters!!" to Uwe Boll. Right after they watched this film. [IMDB]

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Ok. I did watch the trailer. I still have no idea what this movie is about.

No idea, however, I think I should be insulted.