What If The Moon Crashed Into The Earth?

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Well, we'd be screwed for one thing. Plus it's doubtful that the chunks of the moon would remain identifiable and intact like they are in this piece of concept art... but it's still haunting and beautiful. It's strange to imagine something that's been hanging in the sky your whole life plummeting into your world, but that's exactly what's happened in "Moon Crash 1: Winter."


Artist Mark Goerner paints concept art for film and illustration projects, and in his spare time he likes to paint desolate images like the one above. In fact, this is the first part in a series of paintings that follow the aftermath of the moon crashing to the Earth through Spring, Summer, and Autumn.

The scenario starts with the effect of a meteorite's collision with one of the planet's moons as the catalyst for a series of events that would get the process of organic reanimation started. Imagine the fragments of a moon falling out of orbit, dashing across the planet's surface, and burrowing into the tectonic plates causing massive volcanoes and the release of giant gas clouds and dust.


Check out some of Mark's other works, including his gallery of concept artwork from Superman at his website. Then be sure to watch for falling moon pieces as you head home tonight.

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Discodave: R.O.A.C.H. M.O.T.E.L.

Um... if that's the moon, then what's floating in space near the horizon a third in from the left?

Just, you know, asking.

I assume that that's another planet with a whole other set of moons.

Bigger planet + smaller moon = earth-like planetdeath anyway, but I'm a pedant and couldn't help but be awkward (and possibly humourless).