What if the Marvel vs. DC insanity of the Amalgam Universe never ended?

Amalgam Comics, DC and Marvel's portmanteau-prone crossover line from the heady 1990s, featured patchwork characters like Dr. Strangefate, Ra's-A-Pocalypse, and Shatterstarfire. The blog "The Amalgam Age of Comics" is dedicated to creating new (i.e. Photoshopped) half-and-half heroes.

Here's blogmaster Paul Cornish's mission statement:

In 1996 and 1997 DC and Marvel temporarily put aside their differences and released a bunch of titles under the Amalgam Comics banner. The two companies worked together and created crazy, mixed up jumbles of some of their best characters. I've decided to see if I can create some new Amalgam characters using the magic of Photoshop!


What was charming about the Amalgam Universe was how clumsily named 99% of the characters were. For every Big Question (Kingpin + The Riddler) or Hyena (Sabertooth + The Joker), readers got a dozen nonsensical mash-ups like Bizarnage and Mandarinestro. The Amalgam Age of Comics embraces the line's penchant for the ridiculous and brings us such titles as Masticator War Journal (Punisher + Matter-Eating Lad)...

When Tenzil Kastle of the planet Bismoll journeys with his family from the 30th Century to present day Earth, his Time Machine lands right in the middle of a Gang War! With his family killed in the crossfire and his Time Machine destroyed, Tenzil finds himself stranded and alone. Using all the deadly skills he picked up fighting Skrulls for the United Planets and his natural ability to eat matter in all forms, Tenzil wages a one man war on the criminal scum that ruined his life. He is the Masticator!

...and Madam Mariner (Namor + Madame Fatal, the Golden Age crimefighter who fought criminals while dressed as a geriatric lady).

Richard Namor was an actor who discovered his true identity as the lost Prince of Atlantis on the fateful night that his daughter was abducted! His continuing quest to find his missing daughter takes him both above and below the waves. On land he uses his talents as an actor to impersonate an old lady, causing his foes to underestimate him, a mistake that costs them dearly. While in the depths of the oceans, Namor casts off his skirt and make-up and combats evil using the amazing aquatic abilities that are his birthright! He is MADAM MARINER!


You can find more of Cornish's zany fake Amalgam titles (Howard Constantine?!?) at the site.

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