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What if the Mad Men created a fantasy TV series for women?

Illustration for article titled What if the emMad Men/em created a fantasy TV series for women?

What if the advertising minds of Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce were tasked with created a fantasy television show for women? In this Funny or Die sketch, Peggy Olson tries her best to pitch a Buffy-like series to her coworkers, but they turn it into something else entirely.


It's a cute sketch, poking fun at the sexism Mad Men explores (and Twilight, with a hit at Dollhouse, too), but of course in the real world, it was a man who came up with Buffy the Vampire Slayer and a woman who wrote Twilight. But it's clear that SCDP just isn't ready for the Slayer; maybe Peggy can take her pitch down the street to Cutler, Gleason, and Chaough.


[via The Mary Sue]

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Talking about Buffy, around a year ago I watched the first episode and could not stand it. The whole high school stick was just cringe worthy. Now that I am almost over with my Stargate rewatch I thought I would give it another try. So fellow IO9'ers I ask you does the show get better after that or is it just not for me.