What if the Black Widow starred in her own line of pulp novels?

With her irresistible charms and super-spy lifestyle, Natasha Romanov would be the perfect subject of her own line of pulpy novels. Cartoonist Jon Morris dreams up covers for Black Widow thrillers authored by spy novelist Donald Hamilton.

Morris found himself intrigued by the idea of what the Marvel Universe might look like if its characters had existed not only in comics, but in pulp detective and spy novels as well. Taking his layout from Mike Shayne detective novels and envisioning Hamilton as the author, Morris came up with a couple of covers for his spy series that never was.


Head over to Morris' Tumblr, where he also has Wasp and Luke Cage pulp covers — and explains the sources for his cover images.

Pulp Covers [Calamity Jon Morris via Super Punch]

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