What if that screaming conspiracy theorist on the corner was right?

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The trailer for mockumentary The Conspiracy follows the crazy old guy you see on the streets, screaming wild ideas at the skyscrapers. But what if the funny people with the cardboard signs were right? The trailer for The Conspiracy follows around one man who has the right idea, after he sucks a team of filmmakers into his world. At least it's a new spin by director Christopher MacBride, on a trope we've seen before. Fingers crossed they can keep this idea fresh.

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A friend of mine is a conspiracy theorist. I had to unsubscribe from his feed on facebook, he was making me crazy. Calling mass murderers "government patsies," going on and on about the Fed, calling people who disagree with him "sheeple" (a term that serves as a source of absolute frustration for me). Between that shit and his support of Ron Paul, I tend not to visit his page very much any more.