What if superheroes were drawn in the style of newspaper comics?

In this week's The Line It Is Drawn art challenge, Comic Book Resources asked artists to draw superheroes as characters in popular newspaper comic strips. And so the X-Men invade Family Circus, Thor takes the place of Hagar the Horrible, and Bat-Snoopy leads a merry band of Woodstock Robins.

These are just a few of the entries from this week's challenge. Head over to The Line It Is Drawn for Dr. Strange in Rex Morgan, MD, Cyclops and Wolverine as Archie and Jughead, and a Cobra Commander Christmas Special in the style of Peanuts.


The Line it is Drawn #161 – The Funny Pages, Line it is Drawn Style! [Comics Should Be Good via Xombie DIRGE]

Up top, Cynthia “Thea” Rodgers draws and Amanda Rodgers colors Bat-Snoopy.

Brendan Tobin juxtaposes the bizarreness of the Summers family against the apparent wholesomeness of Family Circus.

Steve Howard delivers a spot-on spoof of Hagar the Horrible, starring Thor:


Josh Gowdy Batfield solves only food-related mysteries:


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