What if Sony Really Did Have Corporate DNA?

Synthetic biologist and science blogger Keith Robison is sick of seeing advertising campaigns for companies that say "such-and-such is in our corporate DNA." So he strikes back by explaining what it REALLY means for you to have something in your DNA. The results are hilarious. Find out what Sony is really saying about itself in this ad about HD being "in our DNA" after the jump.

Here are some more things that Sony might be trying to say about itself with this ad:

Most of our organization has no immediate obvious purpose . . . A lot of pieces of the organization resemble decayed portions of other pieces of our organization . . . Some pieces of our organization are non-functional, though they closely resemble functional pieces of related organizations . . . Our corporate practices are not the best designed, but rather reflect an accumulation of historical accidents . . . We retain bits of those who invade our corporate DNA, though with not much rhyme or reason.


Corporate DNA [Omics! Omics!]

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