What if Portal was a 1980s animated movie?

I'm getting a strong Don Bluth vibe from this cartoon short by Chelsea GR, whose test animation uses dialogue from Portal 2 and transforms the game's always yapping A.I. into humanoids. Here's the original scene, and for similar Portal-mation, here's the game by way of John K. [Via I♥C]


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Corpore Metal

Well it's skillfully animated, in that that stylish intentionally rough way, and I can dig what's trying to be done here but I disagree with it.

I've seen several videos on YouTube where people try to personify GLaDOS—as anime characters and such. But I think this robs her of the fear and dread she projects. It's like trying to personify HAL, Skynet, Colossus or the Borg. You do that and you rob them of power. GLdDOS is a just this semi-disembodied voice you can't escape from. She is everywhere and nowhere. She is the entire Aperture Science factory system. You're inside the hell of her body, if anything. It's goddess-like really. Her emoting is all in her voice, where it should be.

And Chell is the perfect example of the Bechdel Test fully realized. She doesn't need a potential boyfriend. She's just trying to escape and do her job. I think that's the joke behind the companion cube. In that scene in the game the male voice is just an semi-incompetent AI trying to help Chell. That's it. Again, personifying presents some problems here.

But never mind. That's just what sprang into mind.

Now these characters, if they were totally different characters do work. The look of this female robotic villain is creepy, I just don't think it's GLaDOS.