What if Law & Order was a science fiction show?

Comic shop and gallery Meltdown Comics is currently hosting the show "These are Their Stories," featuring art based on one-line descriptions of Law & Order episodes. And some of the artists' interpretations have been positively scifi.

Artist Brandon Bird — whose paintings feature everything form Christopher Walken to Magneto to Benjamin Sisko — curates the show. Each artist was invited to create a piece based on a Law & Order (any series) episode summary from the DirecTV program guide. Some of the artists went for a fairly straightforward or only slightly offbeat interpretation; but others really played with the possible meanings of their given lines.


You can see the full list at Bird's website.

"These are Their Stories" [Brandon Bird via Super Punch]

Top: "McCoy Attempts to Convict Two Bounty Hunters" by Scott C.

"Race Becomes an Issue" by Kagan McLeod


"Goren Takes on a Chess Master" by Carly Monardo


"Radiation Kills a Tormented Scientist" by Lacy McCune


"Benson Combats Terrorist Activities" by Sina Grace

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