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What if Jack Kirby and Ed Wood teamed up to fight wizards during WWII?

In the midst of World War II, Future comics legend Jack Kirby and future so-bad-it's-entertaining director Ed Wood wake up far from their regiments and find themselves caught in a mystical battle for the fate of the world. In the strange short film The King & the Worst, take on sorcerers and gets some ideas for their future works.


This Spanish-language short by David Galán Galindo is a bit of an oddity: loopy, poorly subtitled, and leaning a bit too heavily on Wood's crossdressing for humor. But there's a wild enthusiasm that carries the film, especially when Kirby becomes the proto-Captain America figuring out how to defeat an evil wizard. With the hint of a sequel, what further adventures might this mismatched pair embark upon?

[via Gamma Squad]

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See, I heard "Wood" and I thought "Wally Wood."